Happy Birthday Eliane!

Last March 26, 2015 was my daughter’s 2nd birthday. My husband and I were thinking and planning at least one month before the event. Three weeks before my daughter’s birthday, I made this invitation which I downloaded from greetings island, a site which offers free printable cards. I also created an event in Facebook to invite … Continue reading Happy Birthday Eliane!


I have been reading the book of Job, for me to know Job’s life, how he endured all sufferings, how he managed to stay faithful even if everything has been taken away from him. Job 34:31-32 says: Job, you should tell God that you are guilty and promise to do better, Then ask Him to … Continue reading Reflection


Blessed by Pastor Peter Tan Chi’s message entitled “When God seems silent, be patient”, this message made me realized that I am in the Spiritual Wilderness right now. Spiritual wilderness is when God is molding you to the person that He wants you to be. Teaching you and touching your life. In my case, I … Continue reading Everyday


Today, marks our two and a half months here in Al Ain. I must admit I am enjoying our stay here. Though it is really hot here, especially last July and August. But as long as we are together it’s alright with me. What matters is our family bonding. I believe that no amount of … Continue reading Today…